Stop Helping People!

This title causes most people to flinch and reread it.  They react with, “but that’s how I describe what I do.  I help people.  I help companies.”  I response with, “Stop it!“

What makes you think they want your help?  What makes you think they need your help?  Why not someone else?  Why now?

Helping people that don’t see a problem is being assumptive.  What upsets prospects the most is assumptive salespeople.  Don’t assume people have problems.  It is insulting.  They certainly don’t want other people pointing out their problems.  Especially a salesperson off the street, they never met.

Start working with people.  Get on the same side of the table with them and fight with them against a problem or towards a desired goal.  Here are three reasons why: [Read more…]

You Can’t Do That! – Watch me. That’s what a prospect is saying when a salesperson says you can’t do that. Or we share our product or service will ‘allow them to’…really, the prospect is saying. You are going to give me permission to do something I want. I need your approval to proceed. [Read more…]

What Makes You Think I Need Your Help?

There are two types of answers prospects will give a salesperson.  One will position them in the best light, which means they will not share their ‘warts’ or problems with you.  Tough to work with anyone that is not completely honest with you.  The other one is when they are upfront about the challenges and struggles they are facing.  The one the prospect uses is decided by the way the salesperson positions themselves at the beginning of the conversation. [Read more…]

Why Now?

It is common knowledge that people buy emotionally and justify the purchase intellectually.  And people will buy based in their reasons, not the salespersons; which is why you will want to focus your conversations on them, rather than yourself.

Rule #1 in sales is; “It’s about them.”  It is about their needs and wants, not what you have and offer.  When you focus on them, you will ask more questions, while you focus on listening.  You will let them talk and tell you their story.  People love to talk about themselves.  Let them be the storyteller, again, while you listen. [Read more…]

Differences cause wars

I’m going out on a limb here and today I’m going to balance out the popular conviction that salespeople need to campaign on what makes them different when promoting themselves.  The question, what is your “differentiating value” may be leading you away from a sale, not towards it.

This notion that prospects make their decision on differences is a myth.  Most attributes in a decision are based on more similarities than differences.  In fact, differences infuse more risks for a prospect in making a switch or decision.
[Read more…]

The 4 C’s: Connect and Communicate with Credibility and Commitment

The first impression with the prospect is made within seconds.  This established trust and respect is essential to keep your prospect engaged and wanting more, which makes them willing to give you more.

But what happens when you are not present?  As a salesperson you are encouraged to do research about your prospects to help prepare for the questioning process or maybe to even disqualify them and move on to the next one.  Do you think your prospects are checking you out too, perhaps with the same outcome?

What questions are they asking about you, your company, your service, your record, your process, etc.?  Besides typing your name into Google, they are probably looking you up on LinkedIn.  What do they want to see?  I submit to you they are looking for evidence of your commitment; commitment to your career, company, service, and clients.  Does your LinkedIn profile tell them about your commitment? [Read more…]

What does a salesperson do that upsets you the most?

Every action a salesperson takes, every word that is said and not said, moves the prospect closer or further away from trust and credibility in the salesperson; and a sale from the company.

What are some of the things salespeople do or say that move you away from buying from them and their company?