You Can’t Do That! – Watch me. That’s what a prospect is saying when a salesperson says you can’t do that. Or we share our product or service will ‘allow them to’…really, the prospect is saying. You are going to give me permission to do something I want. I need your approval to proceed.

How about we say, we will “deliver”, or “provide.” Instead of “will allow you to…”

Too often we challenge our prospect to defend their current position versus work with them to explore new, possible options and outcomes. We sell outcomes and results! What our product or service will deliver for them.

Find out more about what they want to accomplish and what that would do for their business and personal lives.

Get on the same side of the table and fight with them against a problem and fight for them for a desired goal. Not against them in their current position.

Scott Plum
Minnesota Sales Institute
(612) 789-5700