Who Knows More About What a Prospect Needs – You or Them?

And?  That’s right.  You do.  You know more about what a prospect needs.  The goal of your conversation, with them, is to convince and persuade them, to see the same.

You are a valuable resource.  The knowledge, service and products you offer only have value when they can be used to fix or change a current or future problem.  The prospects illness.  That you have a cure for.

You know how the movie ends.  You’ve seen it many times.  The prospect hasn’t.

Start with asking yourself what information do I want to know about the prospect.  Then create the open-ended questions to find the answers.  The answers lead the prospect to see a context and contrast of their current situation and the beneficial solutions you offer them.

If you don’t believe you know more about what they need, you will be following them and their buying process.

Salespeople either love ‘what’ they sell or love selling – period.  If you want to change the outcome of your selling activities and sales conversations, call me.

Thanks for this time together.  I look forward to our conversation.

Scott Plum
Minnesota Sales Institute

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Presented a luncheon workshop on Tuesday, January 29, 2019
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Get Outside your Comfort Zone

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How to Sell Above the Budget

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