VIDEO: Growing Revenue and Increasing Profit

Presented a luncheon workshop on Tuesday, January 29, 2019
at the Minneapolis Club [Read more…]

The One Word to Stop Using

One of the services I offer clients is selecting and hiring superstar salespeople. I work with them on weeding through resumes and asking questions during interviews. During one of the interviews, last week, I asked a candidate to describe a superstar salesperson, and they replied with, “someone that is helping customers solve problems.” Is this how you describe a superstar salesperson? [Read more…]

Who Defines the Marketplace?

Remember your first day at a new company? Maybe you started the company and were so excited you can hardly sleep. There was an unstoppable ambition fueled by a desire to succeed. Do you still have that desire? What changed?

A successful life is built on a daily commitment to optimism. Optimism has two parts. The first is maintaining a hopeful outlook before a decision is made; the other is dwelling on the most positive aspects of a decision afterwards. With all the life changes we experience, voluntary and involuntary, we must be optimistic. [Read more…]

Think Twice Before You Hire Your Competitor’s Salespeople

Hiring salespeople from your competition may seem like a great idea, but there are many drawbacks if this is your organization’s hiring strategy.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could plant a few seeds in the ground, fertilize them, water them and a great salesperson would grow right before our very eyes? This is truly a flight of the imagination, but it is a plan often followed by business owners and sales management in their pursuit to find great sales talent. Instead of growing their own, they try to steal from their competitors. Why not? They often think that their competitor is much better at growing a sales organization than they are. They will grab some sales talent from their competitor’s sales team and enjoy great sales success.

When do you think your competition begin building a better sales organization than yours? [Read more…]