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Negotiation: Creating Collaborative Conversations

Negotiation can be misunderstood when it is not focused on achieving the goal of both sides.  Not everyone decides in the same way or for the same reasons.  The best way to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement is by sharing information in a way that does not diminish respect, rather add value.  This approach involves a combination of applying different beliefs, removing bias, past experiences and concentrating on a respectable and mutual overcome through a unique and predetermined process.

During this class you will learn how to create conversations that are focused on achieving the goals within your fiduciary obligations of your client while respecting the people on the other side.

Course Objective:

  1. Remove personal belief, bias and past experiences from client interaction
  2. Identify the goals of the client and explore options for a mutual beneficial outcome
  3. Maintain the integrity and reputation of a real estate professional

You Are Not A Failure Until You Blame Someone Else

This is a quote from John Wooden, head basketball coach for UCLA.  Success and failure are influenced by the investment in preparation and predetermined expectations, in addition to the attitude and perspective of achievement. Change is inevitable; growth is optional. Failure is just feedback, however if we don’t make a personal commitment and hold ourselves accountable, success will elude us.

Join us and learn how we can look at challenges and seek the outcome of progress and success.  We will include:

  1. Reasons people failure
  2. How to win every challenge
  3. Overcome adversity and achieve growth

Our lives are defined by what we are willing to tolerate.
Do you believe you deserve a better life?

What are you going to do different tomorrow, that you are not doing today, that will give you a better result than yesterday?

Creating Urgency – Motivating Clients to Make a Buying Decision

Customers make buying decisions Emotionally and justify them Intellectually. This transition moves the decision from a wish to a want and need.

Once the salesperson uncovers and helps the customer discover the reasons to make a change, the decision-making process and people need to be identified. Next, is establishing the budget range with a timeline.

When a salesperson and customer define the current situation and desired outcome, “the gap” is identified. The goal is to fill “the gap” with the value a solution offers.

This requires the emotional engagement of the customer. The objective is for the customer to be uncomfortable with the risk, experience, cost and consequences caused by the absence of your product. The greater the contrast between the absence and the solution; the greater the value. (Time: 4-6 hours)

During our half to full day program we will:

  • Review the 5 levels of questions;
  • Learn how to uncover the decision-making process and people;
  • Establish the budget range of the solution;
  • Define a timeline and purchase forecast;
  • AND demonstrate that through role-playing to reinforce the content.

Turning Inquiries into Income

Everyday millions of amateur salespeople answer phone calls and emails without asking the prospect any questions. Companies are spending thousands of dollars to make the phone ring, only to have an overeager, untrained salesperson miss the opportunity to turn an inquiry into income.  If you feel this happening to you or within your organization, this session will help you and your sales force improve their results and increase your company’s top-line revenue. Click here to read more.

Leveraging LinkedIn to Build a Referral Network

There are more of your best clients and referral partners out there. How can we duplicate them? By asking them for introductions to the people they know. This is a delicate situation and needs to be done without putting pressure on your current connections. Done right, you could double your client base in a short period of time and increase your profit margins without investing a lot in marketing.  If you want more of your best clients and want your connections to introduce you to them, join us and learn how to remove the barriers that prevent us from asking for more referrals and get introduced to more of your best clients.

5 Levels of Asking Questions

In baseball, what are the different ways to get a batter home from third base to score a run?  Often eager salespeople start to rattle off a few of the most common answers and then struggle to finish the list, never asking a question like; how many outs are there, what inning are we in, are the bases loaded?

There is not much different in most sales meeting between a prospect and a salesperson.  Salespeople are eager to show how much they know and fear asking questions to learn more about the struggles a prospect is dealing with in their business.  Click here to read more.

To Sell is to Serve – Overcoming the Stigma of Selling

Regardless of your role, it is necessary to influence others.  When you focus on the goal of serving others, you are able to align your intentions for their benefit.  And that takes initiative and leadership.  This starts with changing the beliefs of emulating a polyester car salesman and replacing it with an inquiring servant by asking questions to help others discover and uncover their reasons to make a change.  As Blaise Pascal writes, “People are usually more convinced by reasons they discover themselves than by those found by others.” When you have reasons for a change, persuading others becomes a service.  (Time: 1-2 hours)

Behavior Focused Results

The universal goal of change and growth is results. Everyone wants to sell more, increase revenues and earn higher commissions. However the focus is often on the outcome and not the process.

The universal goal of change and growth is results. Everyone wants to sell more, increase revenues and earn higher commissions. However the focus is often on the outcome and not the process. Distractions and temptations surround you every day, not to mention the neutralizing fear of uncertainty and emotional risking you take when stepping outside your comfort zone. During this program you will focus on the key factors that identify and control that will determine when and how you will meet your desired results.

Selling and Negotiating – How to Win the Business

What is the goal?  This question usually precedes the first step in any initiative.  When we consider all parties to a discussion the common goal is to secure a WIN-WIN agreement for everyone involved.  Sometimes a sale is made with the prospect buying from the salesperson. Periodically the salesperson buys the reasons from a prospect on why a proposal won’t be accepted.

If the conversation begins with a sales and negotiation approach both sides can explore different options to meet their needs.  This involves training salespeople to set an environment that focuses the discussion on understanding the goal of the customer and work to achieve it versus stating with a solution and selling it to a prospect.

6 Core Competencies of a Salesperson

Being effective in a role begins with a complete understanding of the obligations and expectations.  Since salespeople need to manage a variety of tasks in order to make a sale, how can we learn what is missing when sales results don’t occur.  Learn the complete job description of a successful salesperson, what to do every day and guarantee better results.  If you were to write a job description for a successful salesperson it would include:

  • —  Supportive Beliefs with Controlled Emotions
  • —  Healthy Relationship with Money and Budgets
  • —  Unwavering Attitude with Strong Confidence
  • —  Clear Roles with Consistent Behaviors
  • —  Knowledge of the Sales Process with Effective Techniques
  • —  Goal Focused with Passionate Commitment

Understanding a complete description of successful salesperson with help identify the areas that need to improve that will be covered in future training sessions.

Top 50 Sales Tips

Change is inevitable; Growth is optional. Growth is not automatic; It has to be done every day with intention.

In today’s marketplace where competition is tough being “average” isn’t sufficient. Many industry positions require professionals to attend 15 to 40+ hours of continuing education credit each year. These classes help keep our professional service providers up to date on changes in the law, current on updated policies and educated on new best practices for the changing times. Click here to read more.

Keystone Club

The Keystone Club is a 16-week sales development (every Monday from 3:00 to 5:00pm) class that provides a learning environment for a salesperson to learn and implement more effective sales techniques, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs.  Through the ongoing training and reinforcement, the salesperson develops the proficiency of skill necessary to efficiently implement those strategies.  Click here to read more.


Coaching Services

Individual Coaching

The top professionals in any field realize that they cannot achieve success alone.  They reach out for help more often than average people – not less.

Our coaching program is ongoing, customized and focused on behavior.  We serve as your accountability partner.  We want you to change based on your goals and help you discover the barriers that hold you back and give you the tools to knock them down.  Click here to read more.

Group Coaching

Salespeople need a support team to share challenges and successes.  Often the challenges cannot be cured from inside the company.  Someone from outside the company and industry needs to present a different perspective to generate a better result.  Ask us about facilitating an on-site group coaching program to bring in fresh ideas and solutions for better results.


On-site Sales Management

Integrating effective sales skills with efficient behavior modification can bring a sales team in alignment with reaching a specific goal.  This is done over a period of time of change and can often contribute to the turn-around of a selling organization.

We begin with the questions, What is the goal?  Are you reaching it?  What is stopping you?  Often companies have the right people, but struggle with a successful selling process.  We bring the people, process and behavior into focus.