Top 50 Sales Tips

Change is inevitable; Growth is optional. Growth is not automatic; It has to be done every day with intention.

In today’s marketplace where competition is tough being “average” isn’t sufficient. Many industry positions require professionals to attend 15 to 40+ hours of continuing education credit each year. These classes help keep our professional service providers up to date on changes in the law, current on updated policies and educated on new best practices for the changing times.

Software companies, for example continually upgrade to newer versions to adapt and retain their users. Apple just released a new iPhone to keep up and the competition out. Are you updating your selling skills, business development strategy, and sales approach? Slowing down to speed up is appropriate. You will get further with a sharp saw than a dull one.

The Top 50 Sales Tips in 60 minutes will be delivered in a rapid-fire fast-paced seminar. Many tips you will hear for the first time, some will be a reminders of past skills not recently used, while others will serve as a confirmation that you are a member of the salespersons ‘Best Practices’ club.

Whether you’ve been selling for 35 years or just starting, you will learn something new, be able to improve what you are currently using or just remind yourself of something you used to do, but haven’t recently.

Bring your sales team, a business colleague, and a member of your networking group. This seminar will give you something to talk about afterwards and give you the tips to make the next step in your selling career.

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