Taking Off Into the Wind: Creating Lift Out of Life!

Dedicated to Oliver Frascona (click to read the dedication)Taking Off Into the Wind_Scott PlumThis book is written for the person who is a salesperson – the human being before the human doing. This book is not filled with new techniques and updated procedures. There are plenty of those books on the shelves. And I have many of them.

This book is about creating the inspiration needed to apply the techniques: the beliefs we need to create to support the daily behavior that delivers the desired results we constantly seek. Without this inspiration, we don’t apply what we know.

This hesitation holds us back from a better life. We need the inspiration to turn our face to the wind and take on adversity – every day. Planes take off into the wind to achieve more lift. Trees become stronger with deeper roots because of the wind.

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With inspiration, we can become stronger when adversity arises by applying what we know. Smart people don’t fail because they don’t know. They fail because they don’t apply themselves. They lack the commitment and determination needed to overcome adversity.
That is my goal for Taking Off Into the Wind – to create the inspiration in you to take on the adversities of life when you apply yourself. The benefits will strengthen you and you will be able to be more to others in your life. Be the tree with deep roots that holds its ground when the wind blows.

Thank you for letting me make an impact on your life and an influence in the outcome – the future. I, too, am a salesperson.

-Scott P. Plum


Foreward by Thomas J. Winninger

Tom WinningerWhat inspires you? What fuels your energy? What keeps you going? Where do your passions lay?

When Scott shared with me that he was writing a sales book, as a friend, I immediately said, “Oh, how exciting!” But in my mind I was really saying “Oh no, not another book on selling. How many thousands of titles already exist that were written over the last 2000 years on that subject?”

But then Scott shared with me the manuscript and I could not put it down. With each page I said, “This is it! This is THE BOOK that not only needs to be read but needs to be lived!”

I felt lifted up, as Scott would say, in the wind. I felt like I did when I first read the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull about a seagull who just would not quit flying higher. Just keep going Jonathan… fly higher Jonathan… stretch yourself Jonathan, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t… you are not just like everyone else Jonathan for your inspiration alone, Jonathan, lifts you up.

Inspiration is the key ingredient to any effort that is fulfilling and life changing.
And Scott’s book is not just about being inspired; his work itself is inspiring – and so is Scott.

What you read on these pages is not just ideas that Scott teaches but they are truths that he lives. Scott is the essence of this work just as Jonathan Livingston Seagull was the essence of his efforts.

I would suggest that before you pick up another book on the how to’s of selling you spend time internalizing these ideas. Scott helps you understand what it takes to be inspired, committed, and passionate about your life and work.

What Scott shares here will help you make an enduring, positive impact on everyone you encounter whether they are purchasing something from you or not.  This book is for everyone! As my father reminded me often: Everyone sells something whether it is a product, a service, an idea, or a belief.

Whether your road is up or down, Scott’s approach will keep you moving forward.
This work flies on the wind, ever higher, Scott.

—Thomas J. Winninger, CSP, CPAE
Speaker Hall of Fame Member
Past National President of the National Speakers Association, and founding member of International Center for Professional Speaking
Author of Price Wars, Full Price, Sell Easy, Bullseye, Hiring Smart and Get Out of the Boat

What Others are saying About Taking Off Into the Wind

“Whether you want to sell a service, product, cause or an idea, Scott shares a tried and true, proven-to-work flight plan for success. Keep this book close and refer to it often. You will be glad you did.”
—Mark LeBlanc, Small Business Success
Author of Never Be the Same and Growing Your Business!

“This book is a reminder of what you want, but have forgotten, because of life’s distractions. It will give you daily direction and deliver immediate “first aid,” so don’t leave home without it.”
—Mike McKinley, CSP, CPAE, Author, Speaker, Business Advocate and Inspirer.
Past President of the National Speakers Association.


Adversity. Every day we face the wind and take another step toward our desired goal. What inspires us to overcome the daily pressures and pitfalls to achieve a better life? First we have to acquire a different way of thinking. Better knowledge. More information. New skills. Then we have to apply them –to use what we know when the opportunities present themselves. There is a difference between “can you?” and “will you?” And lastly, we have to believe we deserve a better life. Better results. A happier life despite the daily adversities we experience.

Taking Off into the Wind is an inspirational book for salespeople. A salesperson is someone who has an impact on an experience and an influence in the outcome of a conversation. If you are like most people, you will acknowledge you are a person who has an impact and influence. We have an obligation to overcome the challenges of the day in order to better serve ourselves with self-respect and to serve others with love and kindness.

Are you ready to take on the wind; to create lift out of life and take off into the wind? It starts with your commitment to yourself. A commitment no one can guarantee but you. Your choice – your commitment to make a difference in your life – is the greatest asset you will ever own.

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Invest in Your Abilities – A Mindset to Success Read this book during a very difficult time. Was ready to learn more about commitment, goal setting, skill development and growing my mindset as a person and sales professional. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. It took me 6 years to read the book cover to cover and once I started the book, finished it within a couple of days. I recommend it to anyone looking to refine perspective and hone in on what you really want from life and in business. Helped my mindset from so many angles and didn’t exhaust me in the process. Refreshing and inciteful. I have a copy dedicated to Oliver E. Frascona.
Deborah J. Lepercq