Dedication – Oliver E. Frascona

Oliver_FrasconaOliver E. Frascona died at the age of 67 on August 31, 2014. He was my closest friend, my mentor, confidant and inspiration. He was a constant encourager and never let the spark of self-doubt grow into a flame. He lived life at full-throttle, right up to the very last minute.

Oliver will be remembered as a man who never strayed from his beliefs and was not reserved about sharing them with others. He sought the approval of no one, and earned the respect of everyone, though some did not agree with him. He was a constant resource of everything you would ever need. He always knew a person who could do whatever you needed. There is not a day that goes by without me thinking of my friend Oliver.

This book – these thoughts and ideas – are a result of Oliver’s encouragement and inspiration. We all need an Oliver in our life. We cannot do it alone. My wish for you is that you have an Oliver in your life.

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