PODCAST: The Once Timid Networker – Networking & Selling

Selling.  For many business owners and professionals this word causes fear, anxiety and much discomfort.  This episode of The Once Timid Networker has host Tara Schmakel talking with Scott Plum, an instructor with the Minnesota Sales Institute where he teaches sales professionals how to shorten their sales cycle, increase their closing ratio, generate more revenue and get in front of more qualified prospects. Scott will connect the dots of networking and sales as he shares the importance of making new introductions and building a solid network of connections.

Learn how to keep your sales pipeline full through the power of networking.  Selling is a necessary skill when growing a business.  If connecting your sales skills to your networking process is something you need to improve, be sure to tune in to this show!  The Once Timid Networker Radio Show is only on Next Stage Online Radio part of Next Stage Media Group. (running time: 43:02)

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Social Media Part 1: Current Practices

The episode covers topics such as:

  • Choosing the best social platforms to focus on.
  • Basic SEO tactics for your website.
  • The importance of commitment in generating results.
  • How a blog can supplement your social strategy.

With the growth of Social Media many large and small businesses can no longer ignore its’ importance. In this episode we discuss the current social media practices they are currently using in their businesses. Audio Podcast (running time 14:43)

With Jeff Ferrazzo, Scott Plum, Marty Stanchfield and Nick Rosener. Click on their name to see their LinkedIn profile.

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Networking Tips: Before, During and After

Is it time for you to start networking or maybe you just need to refine your strategy. The Biz Help Radio guys offer helps and tips that you can apply to your next networking event. They discuss developing a pre-event plan, how to effectively work the event and what do with the leads generated post event.  Audio Podcast (running time 19:42)

With Jeff Ferrazzo, Scott Plum, Marty Stanchfield and Nick Rosener.  Click on their name to see their LinkedIn profile.