Be a Problem Finder!

See, prospects are buying on value, not price. Salespeople think prospects are buying on price, so the right away selling on price, price, price, and then I go, who’s turning your product into a commodity? Me, the prospect you’re leading with price. So you’re telling me I should buy them praise. So if somebody else comes in the door and they’re offering your same product for fifty cents less, you’re telling me I should buy it from them?

No, I didn’t. You did because you were just keep selling me price. I should. My motivation, this price versus finding out what my desired outcome is. What do I want to accomplish? What would that do for me in my business? That’s the difference and that’s what salespeople are not connecting with and it’s done in the product training, in sales training. It’s like solution, solution, solution, product part practices, best thing, best. The best thing. They get the salespeople so amped up on the their their own solution. They’ve got them almost brainwashed to think that everybody wants to buy it and Oh, we’re problem solvers. No, you’re not. You’re a problem finder. Find a problem. Then your solution sticks to it and now you have value and that’s what they’re missing, and when you put everything together into that equation, then it makes rational sense. So people buy intellectually and they justified emotionally and let’s say process that actually go, here’s what that would do for my personal life.

That’s the emotional trigger that causes them to say yes and that’s what prospects go through and if salespeople would sell on that, they’d sell more. Prospects would enjoy the experience more and everyone had been would be happy, but instead, what do we got? We got it. It’s almost like it’s a three two count and it’s like there’s three and two strikes and the pitcher’s got the nerves and the batters got the nerves and that everybody’s on guard about what to do is, am I going to strike the guy out? Am I going to deliver for balls or is he going to hit it? There’s so much anxiety with it that people get so nervous and garden. Nobody’s having a serious conversation and how are we supposed to build trust and a Paul and we can’t have a serious conversation. I mean, let’s get real. That’s not going.

Assuming everybody needs the help or has a problem or wants to buy from us. It just simply is not true. I digress.

Scott Plum

VIDEO: Growing Revenue and Increasing Profit

Presented a luncheon workshop on Tuesday, January 29, 2019
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Get Outside your Comfort Zone

In negotiation, the more information you have, the better position you’re in. The greater leverage. Same thing when it comes to sales. Prospects know this so they withhold information, don’t share it with the salesperson, and then they’re in control. The prospects are in control and the salesperson is scrambling. Because the first time they had a conversation with them, there wasn’t enough engagement.

Are Your Results Rewarding?

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When a Prospect Gets Upset

I’m curious. Tell me more. So then you know the salesperson that asks another question and listens for the right followup question, and here’s where these followup questions get more emotional and here’s where the salespeople start backing off. [Read more…]

You Can’t Do That! – Watch me. That’s what a prospect is saying when a salesperson says you can’t do that. Or we share our product or service will ‘allow them to’…really, the prospect is saying. You are going to give me permission to do something I want. I need your approval to proceed. [Read more…]

Define: Value!

Value in one of three parts to this equation; Cost minus price equals value. Too often salespeople talk about price, without understanding the cost and consequences of inaction. What’s worst is prospects don’t know them either. Then salespeople talk about solutions. “We have the greatest products on earth,” when the need has not been defined, and the impact of inaction, has not yet been discovered. [Read more…]

What’s A Perfect Week Look Like?

When I interview salespeople, whether they are an existing employee, or a candidate for a sales position, one of my most resourceful questions is, What’s a perfect week look like for you in your current role?

Often they will tell me “it depends.” This tells me how much of their time they are being proactive or reactive – letting other people determine how they spend their time. [Read more…]

I Was Wrong!

Last week someone came up to me at a networking event and introduction themselves and shared they first heard me present at a chamber event in 2002. I asked them what they remember from that talk, because I may have to walk some of my advice back.

Our market changes everyday and sometimes the advice I gave, is no longer true. [Read more…]

Stop Helping People!

But that’s how I describe what I do! I help people. Stop it!

When you help people. It’s like you’re up here and their down there. “Here, let me save you, you need to be rescued.” As if to say, “hey moron, you’re doing it wrong.” Ever help someone that is not as committed in solving a problem as you are? That only leads to frustration for us, right? [Read more…]