Referral Policy

  • When we receive a referral of a potential client before 4pm, we will attempt to connect with that prospect via the form of communication submitted, preferably by phone, to schedule an appointment to meet at a location and time convenient to them.
  •  We will promptly report back to you when we have made contact and what the outcome is of our conversation.  If after 2 attempts, we have not made contact, we will contact you.
  • We will ONLY mention your name, and whether you are a client, with your permission.
  • We will ask appropriate questions and offer the best solutions to their current situation.
  • We will make our conversation enjoyable and worthwhile for them.
  • We will act with the upmost respect.
  • We give referrals received the highest priority in service, attention and quality.
  • We welcome any feedback on how we can improve your expectations of us.