Common Reverses and Softening Statements

  • A lot of people ask that.
  • And
  • And because of that?
  • And if I could do____, what do you see yourself doing at that point?
  • And that would result in…
  • And what you want from me is…
  • And you’re pointing that out because?
  • Boy, I feel stuck.
  • By that, you mean…?
  • Did we discuss…?
  • Did/Do you mean…?
  • Good observation
  • Good point
  • Good question…
  • Help me…
  • I appreciate that question
  • I appreciate your candor in sharing that with me. (after the prospect gives you info.)
  • I feel like I should tell you something, but you might not want to hear it.
  • I get the feeling that…
  • I understand
  • I’m confused…
  • I’m glad you asked me that…
  • I’m lost.
  • I’m not sure I understand…
  • If we could provide that, what would be the next step?
  • Is that a big concern for you?
  • Is that important?
  • It sounds like you want…
  • Let me see if I have this straight…
  • Like?
  • Oh?
  • So what you’re really saying is…
  • That makes sense
  • That must be an important questions to you
  • That sounds important to you
  • That’s a good point…
  • When you say you are ___________, Bob, what does that mean?
  • Which means
  • Why did you ask me that just now?
  • You must be telling me that for a reason… would you mind sharing with me why you brought that up at this time?




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