What does a salesperson do that upsets you the most?

Every action a salesperson takes, every word that is said and not said, moves the prospect closer or further away from trust and credibility in the salesperson; and a sale from the company.

What are some of the things salespeople do or say that move you away from buying from them and their company?



  1. Kevin Sperbeck says

    When a Salesperson oversells what they are pitching. They seem to do all the talking as if they are the expert and really do not care about the customer’s needs. They have two ears and one mouth. Ask good questions and listen alot. Then frame the close around the needs and wants of the customer.

    Second they come in with the sales pitch about how great the company and products are without regard for what the customer’s needs are. Build a trust factor, be relevant, be genuine and show how your product or service will grow revenue, reduce expense, save time or solve problems real or anticipated.

  2. Kevin Fiel says

    A sales person who is not knowledgable about their product.

  3. lvillwock says

    I don’t want to hear what everyone else is buying. I want to hear what is best for me and my situation. For instance, not everyone wants all their devices synched. Some of us just want a phone that gets good reception.