Selling is Your Reputation in Action


11-10-2020 — Club E will be joined by Scott Plum, President, Minnesota Sales Institute

Creating a sales culture starts at the top. Company leadership defines the sales culture – every day – by what they are willing to tolerate from the sales channel. Every day we can proactively focus on our goals or by reacting and waiting for someone else to do something.

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Learn how to create a strong value-proposition that positions your company as the best value and not the lowest price. There is difference of leading and competing.

If you are a business owner, sales manager or salesperson, this event will deliver the elements of leading with reputation, managing by creating experiences and selling to create customer advocates.

Scott Plum is the President of the Minnesota Sales Institute and facilitates most of the classes taught. He started his selling career in 1987 and since then he has been sharing the skills and techniques he learned. His goal for students is to “inspire growth and change in your presence and have it last and continue in his absence.

He is Professor Plum and host of the podcast “What Salespeople Need to know About Selling” and co-host of the weekly podcast “Get in the Door Podcast.”

He published the book; Taking Off Into the Wind – Creating Lift Out of Life. This book is written for the person who is a salesperson – the human being before the human doing. A salesperson of someone that has an Impact on the Experience and an Influence in the Outcome.

He served as the Vice President of the National Speakers Association – Minnesota Chapter, as President of the Sales and Marketing Executives of Minnesota and President of the Professional Sales Association.

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