Three Questions Begin with One Answer

Starting a journey begins with a desire of wanting and believing you deserve more or you decide to no longer accept the current status of your life.  Some steps will not be easy and you will often be tested and challenged.  Growing takes a strong commitment; enough to overcome all adversity.  A determined focus will prevent distractions from your goal.  As you begin this quest, ask yourself the following three questions.

Where do you want to go? 
A ship leaves the dock for an unseen destination for the majority of the trip, but it knows where it is going.  You can make a life change, but if you don’t know where we are going, you could be making things worse for yourself.  Often we define a destination by “what we don’t want” without the direction we want to go.  That leaves 360 degrees of options with half not in your favor.

Woman walking cross country trail in autumn forest

Picture where you want to go in your mind, write it down, share it with a trusted friend, tape a picture to your mirror or create a vision board.  Show your desired dreams to your brain.  What does it look like, smell like, feel like, sound like.  Make it real – everyday.

What do you need to get there?
There is no such thing as bad weather, just unprepared people.  What knowledge, tools, resources and most importantly people, will you need on your journey?  I’m not implying you ‘use’ people like a ladder, but find others that are on the same path with shared goals and vision; like minded folks that are experienced on your inexperienced journey.

Some answers you will need before you leave.  Others you will find along the way.  People fail because they don’t have the answers or they don’t believe the answers will work.

Who is holding you back?
There is only one answer here.  Your life is made up of your choices.  Your decisions decide your future.  The answer is YOU!

Reflect on your emotional encumbrances and mental entanglements that are limiting your growth.  Be strong, focused and determined.  Not everyone wants you to change, grow, be better, because they may be left behind.

You trade your life with every day that passes.  The biggest reason people fail is because they don’t believe they deserve a better life.  If no one has ever said you deserve a better life, let me be the first.  You deserve a better life.

These three questions may seem simple and plain, but each is needed in this order.  Omit one or change the order and your journey will not be easy.

The questions may take days, weeks or months to answer.  What’s important is that you are not settling for your current status – complacent and stale.  Unfortunately, you are going to have to do the heavy work.  Afterwards, at the top, you can bask in the glory of your success without any guilt.

Enjoy your journey.  I’ll see you on the way. Check out our coaching program by Clicking Here.

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  1. FANTASTIC post Scott! Thanks for sharing it. It is a message everyone needs to hear!

  2. This part hits home and I’ll apply it to a few projects today!
    “Who is holding you back?
    There is only one answer here. Your life is made up of your choices. Your decisions decide your future. The answer is YOU!”
    Thanks Scott!

  3. This is a powerful, compelling, life-altering message, Scott. Thank you for your inspiration, and for inviting us to be courageous enough to commit to making changes in our lives.


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