Word Prohibition – Introduction

Yesterday I alluded to a new discussion I’m proposing in my weekly email updates. I’m calling this discussion “Word Prohibition” as we submit and discuss ‘words’ that are used that have lost their meaning as they get overused, misused and abused.

Sometimes these are buzzwords that evolve and no longer define the original term. Perhaps these words have been diluted and devalued over time. As our communication becomes shorten to 140 characters, we may cheat words of their true meaning.

What words are you irritated to hear or avoid using when talking with others?


  1. The #1 (fill in the blank). Everyone seems to be #1!

  2. Mine is “expert” Attorney’s are forbidden to use the word. They will be quickly disbarred with any reference to it. Maybe we should take a lesson from them. When I hear that word, I think to myself, “When did you know everything and stop learning?” Maybe that is a little harsh, but the knowledge base doubles every 5 years. For instance, we are moving through an evolution of marketing that is affecting the companies that spend the most (i.e. P&G). FaceBook came on the scene, Six Sigma is taking over process management, the government….ok, let’s not go there. The “best practices” (ok, that’s another word for later) are constantly changing, our marketplace it turning global practically overnight. There is still so much to learn and try to understand – how can a person call themselves an expert with so many changes in the world?

  3. Jennifer Overbey says

    I could care less…when someone means they couldn’t care less.

  4. “Free” seldom is.