What Are You Willing to Tolerate?

Last week I spent a day on a ride-along with a sales rep visiting existing accounts and meeting new prospects. The conversations during the miles we covered were mixed between business and personal topics. One personal story was about how the rep can’t find her hotspot at home, so she has been using the cell phone as a hotspot. I asked her how long the hotspot was missing and she said about 3 months. She was not sure if her daughter hid it or the dog ran off and buried it in the backyard.

The following week when the sales report came out, she fell short of her weekly goals.  I reminded her about the story she told me about the missing hotspot. I asked her if she is willing to tolerate substandard results at home, she will also accept substandard results at work and she will never succeed if she continued to believe she doesn’t deserve anything better than what she is getting.

What are you willing to tolerate in your life? Do you accept poor results? Are you expecting others to accept low standards? Success will not arrive if you don’t expect it.

Every week ask yourself, “What is the Goal?” And remember everything else is a distraction. Focus on what will happen. Declare it to be true and do it. You cannot sit back and report what happened. Commit to making it happen.

You have to believe you deserve a better life and the benefits it provides for you and your family. The money you make provides comforts and eliminates the discomfort. However, you cannot continue to play the old tapes in your head saying, “What makes you think you deserve this?” Or “Who do you think you are?” Tapes went out of style many years ago. Update your thinking.

If you tolerate poor results in yourself, you will deliver poor results to others in your life. Your loved ones, your employer, your clients, and your prospects will see this in the first meeting. Become synonymous with commitment and show others what they deserve. It starts with YOU believing YOU deserve it first.


  1. Amazing inspiring story! Thanks for sharing Professor!

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  3. Great Insight!