Be a Problem Finder!

See, prospects are buying on value, not price. Salespeople think prospects are buying on price, so the right away selling on price, price, price, and then I go, who’s turning your product into a commodity? Me, the prospect you’re leading with price. So you’re telling me I should buy from them. So if somebody else comes in the door and they’re offering your same product for fifty cents less, you’re telling me I should buy it from them?

No, I didn’t. You did because you were just keep selling me price. I should. My motivation, this price versus finding out what my desired outcome is. What do I want to accomplish? What would that do for me in my business? That’s the difference and that’s what salespeople are not connecting with and it’s done in the product training, in sales training. It’s like solution, solution, solution, product, product, product, best thing, best. The best thing. They get the salespeople so amped up on the their their own solution. They’ve got them almost brainwashed to think that everybody wants to buy it and Oh, we’re problem solvers. No, you’re not. You’re a problem finder. Find a problem. Then your solution sticks to it and now you have value and that’s what they’re missing, and when you put everything together into that equation, then it makes rational sense. So people buy intellectually and they justified emotionally and let’s say process that actually go, here’s what that would do for my personal life.

That’s the emotional trigger that causes them to say yes and that’s what prospects go through and if salespeople would sell on that, they’d sell more. Prospects would enjoy the experience more and everyone had been would be happy, but instead, what do we got? We got it. It’s almost like it’s a three two count and it’s like there’s three and two strikes and the pitcher’s got the nerves and the batters got the nerves and that everybody’s on guard about what to do is, am I going to strike the guy out? Am I going to deliver for balls or is he going to hit it? There’s so much anxiety with it that people get so nervous and garden. Nobody’s having a serious conversation and how are we supposed to build trust and rapport and we can’t have a serious conversation. I mean, let’s get real. That’s not going.

Assuming everybody needs the help or has a problem or wants to buy from us. It just simply is not true. I digress.

Scott Plum


  1. Great reminder that in the sales process we are our worst enemy when is comes to turning our products/services in to commodities! Thanks Scott!