This is a No-Brainer Decision

He walked into my office, sat down and was debriefing the last sales call he went on and expressed some frustration on why they didn’t buy. He explained all the benefits of his product and how low the price is compared to his competitors. He closed his presentation with the statement “this is a no-brainer decision.” Yet he cannot understand why the prospect didn’t buy.

I replied with a simple question, “What are their reasons to buy?” He paused, but couldn’t think of any. He said, “It’s a simple decision. Can’t they see the value?”

batter about to hit a pitch during a baseball gameListening to sales calls I hear the word “value” being volleyed back and forth between the salesperson and prospect often wondering what each other thinks the definition is and if it applies here. I understand the pressure of the salesperson making their quota and the fears the prospect has of making the wrong decision. Often it can be compared to a pitcher-batter relationship with 3 balls and 2 strikes of a full count on the scoreboard and the weight of a possible win or definite loss wagered on the next pitch.

If you can relate to this situation and want to remove the buying/selling pressure and make the experience more enjoyable for both parties involved, this invitation is for you.

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  1. Pat Yentzer says

    I think it’s a no-brainer decision to attend your presentation 🙂
    See everyone on Friday.