Who we ARE precedes what we DO.

We are human ‘beings’ before we are human ‘doings.’  Your authenticity is your difference.  Your truth, your greatness is unique to you and the easiest person you can be is you.  Dr. Brene Brown shares the Power of Vulnerability (20:49)

“To dare greatly!”


  1. Love this Scott. Thank you for sharing. I’m relatively new to sales and every day of putting myself out there is hard, exactly because of the feelings of vulnerability. Glad to know I’m not unique in my feelings and that it may not be comfortable but is essential to the journey of life and connection.

  2. Michael Cavitt says

    WOW! Thanks Scott. I hadn’t seen the interview of Brené by Jonathan Fields. It’s great to have a third piece of Brené’s research and results to share with people.

  3. Brene offers such truth and honesty. I’ve watched these videos numerous times.