You have the right, but do you have the ability to be successful?

The first American woman that flew into space, Dr. Sally Ride, passed away during the Olympics.  That day I heard an interview where a reporter asked another female astronaut, “Why are there not more women in the space program?”  The woman replied with, “Women have just as much a right to be in space as men do.”  I don’t disagree with that, nor do most other people, but a right is not the same as ability.

If we revisit the interview and pull out the word ‘right’ and replace it with ‘ability’ it would read: “Woman have just as much ability to be in space as men do.”  So true!  Women have the same abilities as men.

I have a right to compete in the Olympics, but not the ability.  Having ‘rights’ means permission is given; a static pass that requires little action and grants no guarantees.

So we have the right, and let’s pretend, we also have the ability.  Now what guarantees do we have?  None.  It is up to you to use your abilities according to what you have invested in time, energy, money and beliefs.  Action is required.  Only you can initiate action and only you can guarantee your success based on your commitment.

The step between ability and action is confidence.  Confidence releases your true potential, letting others believe in you when you believe in yourself.

Most people see you better than you feel you are, because they cannot get inside your head to review the film of yesterday’s mistakes that you’ve made where you have not forgiven yourself.  They don’t see the doubt and uncertainty that peppers every movement.  Only you can see that.  Only you hold yourself back.

This can be best summarized from a scene in the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt.  “Few scouts can go in the mind of a young man and determine whether he’s really confident about what he can do.  So you can sign him based on his ability, but then he’s got to be successful to be confident.   And once he’s become confident, that’s when you’ve got something.”

Rights → Abilities → Confidence → Action → Success

Believe in your success.  You have the right.  You invest in your abilities.  You believe in yourself with confidence.  Take action for favorable results.  And repeat and help others do the same.

I believe in you.  Believe in yourself.  Enjoy the journey.

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  1. It is amazing how many people think they have the “right” to success, and are mystified when they don’t receive the entitlement. Meanwhile, others are out doing the actual work to achieve success. Nice post, Scott.