Welcome to “Winning at Selling” Podcast

Welcome to the Winning at Selling Podcast.  Your hosts Bill Hellkamp and Scott “Professor Plum.”

This podcast is dedicated to the overall success in the sales channel.  From the CEO to the front line salespeople, every role must be aligned, trained and committed, every day to achieve the desired outcome.  This is not done without a commitment to ongoing career development in learning market-relevant techniques, overcoming conceptual barriers, applying proactive and productive behaviors and projecting a positive attitude.

Whether you are defending first place in the market or dedicated to fighting for first place, each episode will deliver proven advice you can apply that day to improve your sales results.


April 5th – #453 How is sales changing?
April 12th – #454 Dealing with Customers Who Delay
April 19th – #455 Special Guest Frank Cespedes

Join us every week.  Email us your comments, feedback, real-life challenges in the marketplace and desired topics for us to cover and we will deliver sound advice you can use. ALL comments are welcome.

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