How would you complete this sentence? “I could sell more if only I could….”

The most important part of this question is “I”.  We are in control of our actions and we own the outcome of everything we do and don’t do.  This is the only way we can change and grow.  If we blame others, and never take responsibility, we have to ask ourselves; who is in control of our life?

Change occurs in 4 areas; conceptual, technical, behavioral and attitudinal, that can be divided into 2 halves; technical/conceptual and behavioral/attitudinal.

If we study 1001 sales techniques but struggle with having the guts and conviction to execute them, we will not be effective.  This fear (conceptual barrier) of implementing new techniques will result in lost sales and will repeat until we complete the step of trying something better.

Most sales training is introducing new techniques; better tips and tricks; updated questions and answers.  But if a salesperson does not use them, because they are afraid, nothing changes.

The other half is focusing on your behavior – daily.  There is a lot of talk about a positive attitude, and I don’t disagree, but a happy attitude alone has trouble producing results without prospecting (behavioral) and getting in front of more qualified prospects.

Often, prospecting is limited by fear of calling on strangers (Something our mothers taught us).  If you ever feel like your results are in a rut, focus on making a new commitment to managing your behavior and return to the basics of selling, like meeting 25 new people a week.

Most salespeople that struggle to get to the next level of success know what to do, but are held back, due to their own self-limiting beliefs.

People fail because 1) they don’t know the answer, 2) they don’t believe the answer will work; or, most common, 3) they don’t believe they deserve a better life.

Fear of success and fear of failure are the same fear.  Fear of getting outside our comfort zone.

If you are committed to making a change, think about the area(s) that is/are holding you back.  If you want help getting to the next level, check out the upcoming class; “Save it for Group” starting in June.  For more information click here.