When a Prospect Gets Upset

I’m curious. Tell me more. So then you know the salesperson that asks another question and listens for the right followup question, and here’s where these followup questions get more emotional and here’s where the salespeople start backing off. Because if a prospect is really motivated and they’re frustrated with their current state, the the irritability is going to come out and the prospect is going to take a person or the salesperson can take it personally. Then they’re going to back down a little bit and not get to those emotional questions versus getting to the level of. You seem a little frustrated about this. Do you see us working together? Are you interested in pursuing other options or do you just want me to stop asking these questions and they’ll say, no, I’m. I’m interested in pursuing other options. Obviously I want to get this fixed or taken care of. Okay, good. Then keep going. So if we sense that a prospect is getting frustrated, irritable, we can say I kind of get the impression that these questions are frustrating or maybe a little bit too personal or you’re maybe you’re not comfortable sharing the information. The reason. I mean you want me to stop. I mean, the reason I’m asking is I want to be able to make sure that if I get to a point of offering you a solution, it’s the best solution possible and includes everything that you’re dealing with because I would hate to offer us 65 percent solution and leave 35 percent of the problem is still on the table, but if you want me to stop, I’ll stop. No, no, go ahead. I’m prospect. I’ll say go ahead. No, let’s keep going. This is good.

Scott Plum
Minnesota Sales Institute
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