Process of Change -So you look at a salesperson changing. It’s the same process as a prospect changing. We go through the same process and the first is awareness, so we are scratching our head as individuals, and feel frustrated? Why do I feel like something’s not working like it should? And then we get the second step, which is the information and the knowledge. So we go out and we get on. Maybe if we can’t figure something out at home, we go on Youtube, see if they can show us a video on how to do it. So we look for the information. In sales, you’re frustrated with leaving voice mails, you go on the Internet, you might find a blog or watch a quick little video.

You get the information. Now you have to believe the information will work. So you get it, you believe it will work. And here’s the most important one. Number three is you really have to believe that you deserve better results. You have to believe. You really do truly believe that you deserve a better life. If you don’t have the commitment to a better life, you’ll never get to step three, which is the application, so the application of that knowledge, which you saw in that youtube video, which you’re reading that blog and now you have an opportunity to apply it and you have the guts and courage to try something new and it worked or you’ve got a different outcome, wasn’t the same one because you tried something different. I imagine that a different outcome and you do that over and over and over again. It comes out of you naturally.

You’ve internalized it. I mean you don’t even have to think about it. You just atopic boom trigger gone. Here’s where I am going to ask. Here’s what I’m going to say. Here’s what I’m going to really bring to the attention of the prospect because I’ve done it so many times and I follow the process without being assumptive. The process is asking questions that’s going to bring out the most value. That’s going to cause the most influence in the buy from me. That’s a process. Does the same, but not everybody that not everybody buys for the same reasons. My favorite quote is Blaise Pascal. People are more convinced by reasons they discover. Then once told to them by others, people buy for their reasons, not ours. We go in being assumptive thinking that everybody buys for the same three reasons. That’s not true.

Scott Plum
Minnesota Sales Institute
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