I’m Kit Welchlin

http://www.mnsales.com — No I am not. If you know Kit, you know I’m not him, and if you know me, you know I’m not Kit.

Every person is different, and no matter how hard I try to be like Kit, I can only be me. But Kit and I do follow the same process when getting hired and have the same goal, afterwards – to deliver results.

My point is every person is different with their own style, but we can all follow the same sales process.

Every salesperson can follow the same process when selling. However, each person has their own style and flare. I can never change a person’s style – they say; “Hey man, that’s the way I roll,” but we can all work together to improve the sales process, techniques, behaviors and uncover our own self-limiting beliefs.

When everyone follows the same sales process, and new salespeople are hired, the process can be duplicated – making it easier to predict and manage the sales team and revenue expectations.

Now that you know me, I encourage you to meet Kit (https://welchlin.com/).

Scott Plum
Minnesota Sales Institute
(612) 789-5700