How to Sell Above the Budget

I’m kinda guessing that when it comes to this decision, that the price or the investment is going to be a factor. Is that safe to say? Yeah, to make sure that I’m talking about the same thing, what kind of budget or range are you looking at?  Because I don’t want to be introducing anything that is higher than that budget.  If I give you something and it’s outside the budget, then it’s gonna feel like I might’ve misled you by sharing something that’s not within the budget. So do you mind sharing me, with kind of the range are you thinking.  And I’m okay with a range.

Okay. Well, if it’s any higher than $15,000 and I hold back and I just, I won’t show you that stuff and the prospectors thinking, wait a minute, what am I missing? Oh, I shot low and I’m giving something up, and now the prospecting part as well. You know, if if we saw something we liked, we might find the money for it. So it’s always amazing. Once the prospect identify something that they like, that they that must be nice to have, that they, that they want all that they need because the salesperson did a good enough job of asking enough questions for the prospect to uncover the need and the needs based on the cost and consequences of not having that product or service and the salesperson did a good enough job of asking those questions. Now, the motivation for the buyer, the prospect to learn about all the solutions, regardless of money.

Hey, now we’re having a real conversation because we’re concentrating on the value and what’s going to be most valuable to that prospect because we’ve identified the costs and consequences in that conversation that the prospect is using heavily to weigh their decision and the costs and consequences might be that the price is too high, which is different. Cost and price are separate, that the price is too high, so then they don’t want to spend the money, so then they take a risk of overspending on a budget that was approved, so there’s a risk there. So you’ve got to really know who you’re talking to when it comes to making a decision. You may be talking to somebody who’s got a somewhat of a cap on a budget versus somebody who looking at the overall need and the overall cost and consequences of not having that solution.

So the higher you get in the organization, and usually it’s the business owner, the CEO involving their team. So things are different now than they were 20 years ago involving their team on getting the support of that solution. Now the salesperson has a bigger, greater chance of closing that deal, selling on value, not cutting the price to win the business, and that’s a good salesperson.