Define: Value!

Value in one of three parts to this equation; Cost minus price equals value. Too often salespeople talk about price, without understanding the cost and consequences of inaction. What’s worst is prospects don’t know them either. Then salespeople talk about solutions. “We have the greatest products on earth,” when the need has not been defined, and the impact of inaction, has not yet been discovered.

So, the solutions have nothing to stick to. And when there is no problem defined and no consequences discovered – there is no value. Here’s the lesson. Spend more time discussing the cost and consequences of inaction, so the solutions can stick to them and the value will be greater than the price. That’s how you sell value, so you don’t have to cut the price to win the business.

Ask them: Are you looking for the lowest price or the best value? If they say, what’s the difference, you have the beginning of a beautiful conversation.

Scott Plum
Minnesota Sales Institute
(612) 789-5700