Commitment: Professional Email Address

Nothing says commitment like  Of course, I’m being sarcastic.  When you use as your professional, business email address you are telling your prospects, clients and customers you have not purchased a domain name and prefer to use a free service instead.  Is this how you want your prospects to interpret your commitment?  

We want our prospects to hire and pay us and not take the free, do-it-yourself option.  They may even think you have no intention of launching a website, the most popular form of communication available in today’s marketplace.  Maybe you have opted to use a free blog platform, as a substitute.

When you secure your own domain name and professional email address, use it on your LinkedIn profile, FaceBook page and Twitter account.  This also shows your commitment.  Salespeople that have their email account on their professional profiles (with career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, and job inquiries listed at the bottom) they give the impression they are planning to leave the organization and don’t want inquires directed to their work email.

Help your prospects take your business seriously when you communicate a commitment to your own business.  For less than $11.00 you can purchase a domain name with one email address included.  Plus you own that email address and domain name as long as you keep renewing it.  You will never risk losing it from any free email hosting or blog provider that can change their policies at any time.

Prospects and customers are cautious and are looking for signs of commitment.  Communicate commitment in your professional email and website address.

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