Same Business – New Ways – Better Results

Our slogan; Same Business – New Ways – Better Results, can be described as follows:

Same Business – Sometimes we think if we switch companies our troubles will go away. That could be true depending on the product, service, or management, but there is a greatly likelihood the challenges you are experiencing could be relate to you and you would be taking them with you to another organization. Over time, if you don’t take responsibility for mistakes, change and growth – that you are the only one that can control – your frustration will grow and the results you are seeking will allude you no matter who your employer.

New Ways – Education is to change from within. We deliver the answers to the questions related to your quest for a better sales career. The new ways are not limited to just techniques. We identify the beliefs that are holding you back, your unexecuted behaviors and undefined goals. Nothing will change on the outside until something changes on the inside.

Better Results – Exercising personal accountability and applying the newly acquiring beliefs and behaviors will deliver the desired results you are seeking.  You are the only one that can control change in your life.  We focus on the results and reinforce a successful selling system that can be duplicated everyday.

“Hope is the having something new to try and be willing to try it.”  –Mark Sanborn

Listen to how a famous self help writer applied his hope.  Click here to listen

Minnesota Sales Institute

Alan Weiss on selling your output (Value)

The people that have a stake in the business are paid for results.  Learn how to sell the output (value) not the input.


define: Value

Sitting in on sales calls I hear the word ‘value’ being volleyed back and forth between the salesperson and prospect often wondering what each other thinks the definition is and if it applies here. I understand the pressure of the salesperson making their quota and the fears the prospect has of making the wrong decision. Often it can be compared to a pitcher-batter relationship with 3 balls and 2 strikes of a full count on the scoreboard and the weight of a possible win or definite loss wagered on the next pitch. If you can relate to this situation and want to remove the buying/selling pressure and make the experience a little more enjoyable for both parties involved, here are a few thoughts to consider. [Read more…]

Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity – TED Talks

What these things have in common is that kids will take a chance. If they don’t know, they’ll have a go. Am I right? They’re not frightened of being wrong. Now, I don’t mean to say that being wrong is the same thing as being creative. What we do know is, if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original — if you’re not prepared to be wrong. And by the time they get to be adults, most kids have lost that capacity. They have become frightened of being wrong. And we run our companies like this, by the way. We stigmatize mistakes.   See more below.  (running time 19:29)

Commitment: Professional Email Address

Nothing says commitment like  Of course, I’m being sarcastic.  When you use as your professional, business email address you are telling your prospects, clients and customers you have not purchased a domain name and prefer to use a free service instead.  Is this how you want your prospects to interpret your commitment?   [Read more…]

What happens when the pigs don’t eat?

Wayne, a feed salesman, pulls into the yard and greets Donny, the farmer, outside his barn. He steps out of his truck and exchanges a hardy “morning” with Donny. After a few comments about the weather, Wayne asks about the new feed Donny has been feeding his hogs.20.8.04 Blythburgh Free Range PorkFree Range growers.

Last month Donny decided to start buying his feed from another salesman because its priced less. Donny says, “It’s going ok.” Wayne, reading the tone and body language from Donny, knows differently. Wayne asks, “How many bags are they going through a week?” Donny replies, “About 18.” Wayne scratches his head and asks, “You are down a few hogs?” “No”, Donny replies. The salesman reminds Donny that his hogs were eating about 25 bags of his feed and ready for market on schedule. [Read more…]

Turning Inquiries into Income

Everyday millions of amateur salespeople answer phone calls and emails without asking the prospect any questions. Companies are spending thousands of dollars to make the phone ring, only to have an untrained salesperson miss the opportunity to turn an inquiry into income. If you feel this happening to you or within your organization, hopefully the following questions will help you and your sales force improve their results and increase your company’s top-line revenue.

What made you decide to call today? This inquiry may uncover the buying motive. Have the guts to ask the questions and you may uncover the main reasons why your prospects and/or established customers are calling you today. When you go fishing next time, it’ll be nice to know what lures the fishing are biting on. This helps you become proactive with future sales. [Read more…]

Scott Plum Introduces the Minnesota Sales Institute

[VIDEO] The Minnesota Sales Institute is built on the understanding of the interaction between a prospect and a salesperson. Sales training involves a transformation of beliefs along with a change in behavior. Transforming a salespersons beliefs will translate into an improved mindset about their role within a company and create a more positive personal identity.

From Rut to Strut – Changing Your Outlook and Sales Results

In 2012, February 29th is a bonus day. Not one you usually get. How you spend it is your choice.

This full-day, interactive sales development workshop is designed to change ones outlook, behaviors and results in their sales career. As the adage goes; “no change – no change.” Unless you change something on the inside, nothing will change on the outside. [Read more…]

Listen to Scott Plum with Lynda Gradert on The Peter McClellan Show

Listen to Scott Plum with Lynda Gradert on The Peter McClellan Show 1-30-12 [Read more…]