Are Your Results Rewarding?

Are your actions rewarding? Are you moving ahead. Think about where you are and where you want to be. Are your actions taking you there? If not, what has to change?

What resources do you need? We heard and know there are no short cuts and these days, there is no longer a clear winner. Here are three points to keep in mind on improving your results:

1) Success will be defined by who you are talking with and what you are saying. Talking to the wrong people will not create success. Know who you need to talk with.
2) What does a perfect week look like? If you don’t decide how to invest your time – someone else will spend it. Know where to invest your time.
3) What problems do you solve? If you don’t know what they look like – you won’t find them. Know what problems you solve and which ones you don’t. Either you are making every proactive effort to progress or waiting for someone else to make their move.

If we don’t take action – every day – we are only waiting to be part of someone else’s plan.
I’m Scott Plum with the Minnesota Sales Institute. Thanks for this time together. look forward to our conversation.

Scott Plum