Pilot in Command

Since I was 11 years old, I have wanted to be a pilot. Unfortunately, I was told I could never achieve that goal because my eyes are so bad. Though the barrier was not true, I maintained that belief until the fall of 1996. At the age of 30, I decided I was no longer going to subscribe to that belief. It was real, but no longer true.

The very first day of class, the flight instructor stood in front of the entire class and said, “As a pilot, you are the PIC—Pilot- In-Command. Which means you are 100% responsible for the safety and operations of this aircraft at all times. If anything ever goes wrong, you cannot blame the weather, another pilot, the tower, or the aircraft manufacturer. You are responsible for everything you do and don’t do.”

WOW, I thought. For the first time in my life, I felt I was 100% personally accountable for every one of my actions. If I blamed others for my failures and misfortunes, there was no reason for me to change, because it’s not my fault. However, when I own every outcome and take responsibility for it, if I don’t receive the results I want, I’m the only one who can make a difference in the future.

This outlook is a choice, and one that only I can make and maintain. Having an outlook of optimism is a choice, which will be tested every day. You are the PIC in your life. You are the only one who can change your results. And this will take commitment.
When you commit to a task, project, or decision, your persistence will increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Here are examples of how your commitment can be applied:

Success is possible only when you have a greater commitment to achieve the goal than the consequences you will experience if you fail. Do you know the consequences if you fail? Are you willing to accept them? If you cannot live with them, your commitment is the means of overcoming them.

Commitment means you are living up to your true potential. It is sad to hear someone say to another that they have potential. The person hearing that remark does not have enough confidence and commitment in themselves to apply their gifts. Others see their gifts, but they are not shared for one reason or another.

What are you willing to tolerate in your life? Do you accept poor results? Are you expecting others to accept low standards? Success will not arrive if you don’t expect it. Commitment means you will set a high standard. Encourage others to raise their standards. Deliver only high standards, and look back at your followers as you take the lead.

How do you show your commitment to others? Is commitment a word others would use to describe you? Build a reputation of commitment. It’s your choice—a decision only you can make and maintain.