Scott PlumScott Plum is the President of the Minnesota Sales Institute. He started his selling career in 1987 selling real estate.  Since then he has been sharing the skills and techniques he learned.  His goal for students is to “inspire growth and change in your presence and have it last and continue in his absence.”  Click here to see his LinkedIn profile.


Stuart JohnsonStuart Johnson is the Principal Consultant and Broker for Magellan Franchise Development and is a seasoned Instructor with Kaplan Professional Schools.  He has enjoyed a 25 year sales career in multifaceted, complex deal structures often enduring long sales cycles ranging from technology-related solutions to business acquisitions and commercial real estate brokerage.  Finding the decision maker and understanding how to move the ball down the field has been the key to his success and might be yours, too. Today, he sells and develops franchise businesses in markets around the country, working with the franchisor and prospective franchisees interested in creating new business opportunities.  Its not a one-call sale but a consultative, deliberate sales process that yields great results for every party to the transaction. Click here to see his LinkedIn profile.