I Can Save You Money!

Ever have that salesperson call on you.  How do they know!  They don’t know anything about me.  How much I’m spending, why I’m spending it there, what else I’m buying, etc.

It’s insulting to tell someone you can save them money, without knowing any information.

What turns people off the most is assumptive salespeople.  These are the salespeople that assume everyone wants their product; and everyone has a problem, and everyone wants to change.  It simply is not true. Don’t assume.  Ask.

Start by saying, “I lot of people buy from us when they experience – give 3-4 – pain points. Finish by asking; Can you relate to any of those?”

Here’s how I use this technique.  “The companies that hire me are concerned about long sales cycles, frustrated with low closing ratios, upset when they have to cut the price to win the business and distressed when their sales team is not getting in front of enough qualified prospects.

Can you relate to any of those?  If you said YES, maybe we should talk more?

I’m Scott Plum with the Minnesota Sales Institute.  Thanks for this time together.  look forward to our conversation.

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