From Rut to Strut – Changing Your Outlook and Sales Results

In 2012, February 29th is a bonus day. Not one you usually get. How you spend it is your choice.

This full-day, interactive sales development workshop is designed to change ones outlook, behaviors and results in their sales career. As the adage goes; “no change – no change.” Unless you change something on the inside, nothing will change on the outside.

Take this day to sharpen your saw. Work on investing in yourself and your selling career. I look forward to sharing this day together. Here’s what we will be covering:

  • Uncovering and identifying un-supportive beliefs. The conceptual barriers that hold us back. Our belief determine our behaviors, our behaviors determine our results. If we are not getting the results we want, we need to look at our beliefs.
  • Connecting with Prospects. If we want to sell $50,000 worth of services to a client, we better have a $50,000 relationship with them. How can we build trust and credibility with our prospects, so they can truly tell us how we can help them.
  • Living the Questions is the Answer. Asking the right questions will give us the right answers we need to quality a prospect. What are the consequences of a prospect not buying from you? How does that impact them? People buy emotional and justify it intellectually. We will cover the 5 levels of questions to cause a prospect to buy – without fighting them on price.
  • Presenting “YES winning” Proposals. What should we include? How much is too much? What is really relevant and what is not? All questions that can help or hurt on closing the sale and winning the business.
  • Setting Goals and Making it Happen. What gets measured, gets managed. What activities do we need to focus on every day? Focus and commitment is a daily challenge. How do we manage failure? Failure is feedback and we’ll learn how to avoid disappointment in the future.

This is an action packed day. Some information will be a reminder of past techniques not used, some will serve as reinforcement and the rest will be new and serve as the missing link in the sales chain of the selling conversation.

Before I sign off, below are 3 different pricing options based on the question; “Who’s committed to your future?” Can anyone be more committed to you than you? No. You are 100% responsible for your future. Here is a brief video of what I mean.

When: Wednesday, February 29th from 9 to 4pm

Where: TwinWest Chamber of Commerce, 10700 Old County Road 15, Plymouth, 55441

Who: Scott Plum, Minnesota Sales Institute, (651) 528-6749

Investment: $99 to $199 per person.