50 Self Destructive Internal Beliefs

Below is a list of unsupportive beliefs that will hold back your behavior, actions and healthy habits.  This inaction will have a direct impact on the results you achieve.

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  1. I have to call on a purchasing agent.
  2. I can’t call on a company president.
  3. I cannot close on the first call.
  4. I can’t shorten my sales cycle.
  5. My prospects will only buy if I have the lowest price.
  6. It’s okay if my prospects wish to shop around.
  7. I should educate my prospects.
  8. It’s OK if my prospects wish to think things over.
  9. Prospects who think things over will eventually buy from me.
  10. I need my prospects to like me.
  11. The economy is down and my prospects don’t have much money.
  12. Don’t talk to strangers.
  13. It’s impossible to ask people about their finances.
  14. Most people are trustworthy and thankful.
  15. Most prospects are sincere.
  16. I can’t sell without literature.
  17. I can’t sell without first demonstrating my product.
  18. I can’t confront a prospect.
  19. I can’t ask a question which might cause my prospect to get upset.
  20. I usually think things over before making a decision.
  21. I usually look for the lowest price.
  22. I usually comparison shop.
  23. I do some research before making a major purchase.
  24. Money is tight.
  25. A major purchase is anything over $100.
  26. I need to show my prospects that I know what I’m talking about.
  27. My customer’s won’t give me referrals.
  28. My business is different.
  29. My product is more difficult to sell.
  30. Some of the concepts in this training don’t apply to me.
  31. Some prospects are really difficult.
  32. A lot of questions might cause my prospect to become upset.
  33. There are certain things that you just can’t say.
  34. I have to answer the questions that a secretary may ask of me.
  35. I’m doing okay.
  36. It’s normal to get objections on a sales call.
  37. Money isn’t important to me.
  38. My product or service costs a lot of money.
  39. I have a long sell cycle.
  40. If they’re truly happy with their current vendor I can’t sell to them.
  41. It’s rude to ask a lot of questions.
  42. I’m not happy with who I am.
  43. I must dominate the conversation.
  44. I don’t like cold calls.
  45. If I’m right and the prospect is wrong I must correct them.
  46. I don’t have time to prospect.
  47. My territory is the most difficult in which to sell.
  48. The most important part of the sales call is the quote.
  49. The most important part of the sales call is the presentation.
  50. I can’t ask a question which might upset a prospect.

Our Beliefs determine our Behavior
Our Behavior Determines our Results
Change YOUR Beliefs, Change YOUR Results

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