5 Levels of Asking Questions

In baseball, what are the different ways to get a batter home from third base to score a run?  Often eager salespeople start to rattle off a few of the most common answers and then struggle to finish the list, never asking a question like; how many outs are there, what inning are we in, are the bases loaded?

There is not much different in most sale’s meetings between a prospect and a salesperson.  Salespeople are eager to show how much they know and fear asking questions to learn more about the struggles a prospect is dealing with in their business.

During this unbalanced dialogue, the treasure of ‘value’ is left discovered, which leaves price as the only separator from another company.

One of the reasons for this hesitation is a lack of preparation and process.  Salespeople don’t know what questions to ask in an order that works with the prospects process on making a decision to take action now and not wait.

During the 5 Levels of Asking Questions session, we will learn how prospects make the buying decisions and what questions to ask and when.  This is a repeatable process that will create a sense of urgency while building trust and respect as the resource that helps avoid problems before they occur. (Time: 1-3 hour session)