Sync or Sink

Salespeople and business owners risk sinking when their target is not defined and they try to be everything to everyone.  When a hunter goes deer hunting, how many pheasants do they bring home?  None.  The customers and clients you target will determine how successful your business will be in the future, because these prospects are in sync with your product offering.

When you know who your ideal prospect is, your sales cycles will be shorter, the closing ratio will be higher and because of your defined niche and specialization, you will be able to justify your price.

In some cases the fit may be right with your prospect, but the timing is not.  Your lead nurturing program will continue to market to these prospects, keeping your name and brand in the minds of your future clients and probable purchasers.

When you have a defined universe of prospects, you can have a smaller offering list, making it easier to service your customers.  This advantage can be used to compete with other companies that have not committed to a specific industry or demographic.  Your specialized knowledge will add value to your clients, which will translate into customer loyalty and increased retention.

As a salesperson you can coach your networking partners to think of you when they hear specific words.  For instance, you’re in a networking group and you are introducing yourself and say, “We work with families with teenage drivers with a not-so-perfect driving record.”  That’s a picture others can understand and it’s easy for them to remember.  They hear ‘teenage driver’ and think of you.

This also works with clients.  There are 5 outcomes of every sales call (, and one of them is a referral.  When clients know what words to listen for in their interaction with others, they can bird dog leads for you – AND give a testimonial – BONUS!

And because you have a niche product list, you don’t have to learn a wide variety of product knowledge.  As a business owner, you don’t need to increase your price to cover research and product development, keeping you competitive in your targeted demographics.

When price is a factor in the marketplace, you will win more proposals when you focus on your target and specialty.  Salespeople will be more effective on uncovering needs, be more confident on asking for the sale, which will translate into more prospecting and pipeline management for future growth.

Keeping your prospect in sync with your service will increase your success.  You will know who you are, know what you offer, and know what to ask for with greater focus and confidence.


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