Stop Hoping, Trying and Helping

Imagine you are checking into a hotel and the front desk clerks says, “We hope you enjoy your stay.” As if to really say, “We haven’t done anything special for you, even though we knew you’re staying with us. We just hope, by luck, you are satisfied.” Really!

How about we say, our goal is for you to enjoy your stay while you are visiting us. We have taken special care in preparing your room along with all the other amenities in the hotel. Please let us know if there is anything you need. Now that’s proactive!

Hoping is not making a commitment!

Or salespeople are saying, We’re trying to fix something, trying to sign-up more members, or trying to deliver a solution by a specific deadline. Remove trying and the sentence sounds like you are making a promise.

Trying is not making a commitment!

Here, let me help – assumes someone can’t do something without you. You are rescuing them. Saving them. You’re up here and their down here.

Let me take over, take control. This is the prospects greatest fear – losing control – and we deliver the nightmare – every day.

When its one-sided – Helping is not making a mutual commitment. Both need to commit. Working together

I’m Scott Plum with the Minnesota Sales Institute. Thanks for this time together. I look forward to our conversation.