Commitment: Are you Living up to your True Potential?

Do you believe that others see you differentially than you see yourself?  I’ll share my struggles with you, and you can determine if you have the same challenges.

I’ve been raise to be humble and put others before myself.  This can be noble and somewhat limiting when living up to a potential.  Here is what I have learned to practice, and if you can relate to my struggle, I hope it helps you too.

Stay Fresh.  If I prepare, do my research, and spend time reflecting on a topic – cognitive analyst – then I can deliver a unique and beneficial message to someone that is at a point in their life where they can use and appreciate it.  Change starts with awareness.  That is when we are ready to grow.  Our mind and heart opens to search for a solution to a quandary.  My message can then be delivered to the right person at the right time.  This is my purpose.

Reject the Nest.  Where am I most comfortable?  How much time do I spend there?  I need to spend more time outside my comfort zone in order to grow and experience more!  A scientist learns from their experiments.  Salespeople need to learn through their experiences.  We need to make more experiences for ourselves.  Every experience has an outcome, which brings us closer to understanding and victory.

Believe!  I recently heard the line “believe or leave.”  Commit to your beliefs.  They determine your behavior which delivers your results.  Have the personal confidence and conviction to your beliefs – beliefs that help and grow others.  I need to have this belief without affirmations from others.  I cannot limit my actions due to an absence of reinforcement.  Diligence is commitment to your beliefs.

Our potential starts with us taking the first step.  We don’t have to wait for New Year’s Day, our birthday, or Monday.  Are you doing enough to fail?  Non-fatal failure shows growth.  If you are not making mistakes, there is not enough activity going on in your world.  We learn more from mistakes than victories.  Decide to start now.

Everyone has greatness in them.  Now is the time to show others. You will be tested and the option of quitting is constant.  Stay Diligent!

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