Get in The Door Podcast: Episode #448


Thank you for listening to the episode. Your commitment to developing your selling skills, mindset and techniques is our motivation.

AND WE’RE BACK! – Scott “Professor Plum” Plum of the Minnesota Sales Institute & Bill Hellkamp of REACH Development Systems

The last step in hiring salespeople is the onboarding process.  Screening, interviewing, and selecting the best candidate can be wasted when integrating a new salesperson into a company culture, if setting the expectation, creating accountability, and enforcing consequences are need established from day one.

So, open your mind and get into the present as Bill and I discuss Successful Onboarding and much more on episode 448 of the Get in the Door Podcast.

Golden Nugget:

“Compare yourself with who you were yesterday, not with who someone else is today” Jordan Peterson “12 Rules for Life”

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