Get in The Door Podcast: Episode #447


Thank you for listening to the episode. Your commitment to developing your selling skills, mindset and techniques is our motivation.

AND WE’RE BACK! – Scott “Professor Plum” Plum of the Minnesota Sales Institute & Bill Hellkamp of REACH Development Systems

We all know that product knowledge is important. After all, we don’t want to go into an appointment and not know what we are talking about. But the most accomplished salespeople go beyond knowing about their product to knowing about the industry. In this way they can bring new and valuable information to their customers.

Listen for answers to these important questions as Scott and I discuss Becoming an Industry Expert and much more on episode 447 of the Get in the Door Podcast.

Golden Nugget:

“One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” –― Plato

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-Book: Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz
-Bill – Video: 2-Minute Selling Tip #17 Do Something
-Scott – My Boss Told Me I Should Go – oh joy!
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Obituary: Thomas Winninger

-Buying Steve Kloyda’s book – The Art of Prospecting – CLICK HERE

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