Get in The Door Podcast: Episode #426


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AND WE’RE BACK! – Scott “Professor Plum” Plum of the Minnesota Sales Institute & Bill Hellkamp of REACH Development Systems

As a sales comes to it culmination the buyer may ask for concessions – often a lowering of price. What is the salesperson to do? Hold her ground and maintain the price and the profitability or find some way to respond positively to the buyer’s request? Should negation play a part in the salesperson’s tool kit or is it an invitation for price cutting?

Scott and I believe we have very different points of view on this topic, so let’s see there are some fireworks as we discuss Negotiation Training for Salespeople: Point-Counterpoint. All that and more on episode 426.

Golden Nugget

“I have one thing that’s not negotiable. I demand that we meet your interests. The reason we want to meet your interest is that if we don’t meet your interest you won’t meet mine and I’m a real selfish guy. I want my interest met.”– Bob Woolf, sports agent

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