I Got My Lucky Socks On!

Ever feel like you can take on the world when your head is focused on a positive outcome?  There, that’s the secret; being focused on the positive.  What are you focused on when you “feel” like a winner?

When we let our thoughts determine our feelings, we are making a conscious choice of being proactive of the positive.  This requires knowledge, preparation, focus and execution.  Often we can feel distracted under the pressure of a new environment or unfamiliar situation.  When we focus on the positive versus giving faith in the negative (fear, doubt and uncertainty), we increase our chances of a favorable outcome.

Picture a football kicker walking onto the field with 4 seconds on the clock and a tied score.  What is he thinking?  It is his choice.  When he visualizes the ball going between the uprights, he has a better chance of making the goal.  Or the mountain bike rider with a boulder in the path.  If he fixates on the obstacle, he has a good chance of not avoiding it.

Our subconscious mind cannot negate the difference between positive and negative thought impulses.  If we say we are not going to eat junk food anymore, our mind just understands ‘junk food’ and we head for the drive thru.

This works on a 3 year old nephew with a full cup of juice.  “Don’t spill the juice, don’t spill the juice”…bam, he spills the juice.  Maybe we should have said, “Keep the cup up, keep the cup up.”

One of the secrets of goal setting is to set your goals as positive, present (I weigh… I earn…) and personal.  Plus, if we write down our goals as positive affirmations, we believe it.  We cannot lie to ourselves.

Plant positive thoughts and you will direct yourself to them.  Think about having your lucky socks on and you will feel invincible!

Minnesota Sales Institute


  1. Scott, you are always right on! And I love the title about the Lucky socks!