I Was Wrong!

Last week someone came up to me at a networking event and introduction themselves and shared they first heard me present at a chamber event in 2002. I asked them what they remember from that talk, because I may have to walk some of my advice back.

Our market changes everyday and sometimes the advice I gave, is no longer true.

One example is the SMART goals. We’ve all heard them…Specific Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound. I was introduced to some real flaws to that program from a Harvard Business Review publication.

I learned people set low goals to make sure they Attainable and Realistic. Really? I thought. And more about it and was convinced it was true.

Another is: People buy from people they know, like and trust. What’s missing is people buy from others they Respect. The goal is to earn their respect and not have a goal to seek their approval.

Last one is, I hope they won’t ask. Bring it up! If YOU bring up an objection before they do, and they knock it down, there a lesser chance they will bring it up again.

Bring up a price range, ask above the people involved in making the decision, ask about the buying process. Really know what process it going to be followed for a prospect to be a client.

Asterisk: this advice may change in the future too. Call me if you’d like to talk about how your sales results have been altered over the years.

Scott Plum
(612) 789-5700