Commitment; Who Determines your Success?

(Below is a commencement speech delivered to the Winter 2014 graduation class at Globe University on Friday, March 21st, 2014.)

Congratulations on taking charge of your life and making the commitment to the first step in the process of change.  Change for the better.

The process of change starts with awareness – we ask ourselves, “There has to be a better way.”  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  The next step is knowledge.  We get involved with a University and chose a program and attend class to achieve the desired major.  We acquire new knowledge and information.  Next, we apply the newly learned knowledge when we have the opportunity.  This new information gives us confidence  so we feel comfortable trying new things and stepping outside our comfort zone.  As we learn and apply, we establish a new normal which subconsciously creates a YOU!

Globe Graduation  PosedIn my career of developing salespeople, I’m often asked if I can guarantee the results of a sales team after they attend a seminar and my reply is; it is difficult for me to guarantee the application of the content presented and the commitment of a person to their career success and professional development after they attend a seminar.

Commitment is about applying what you know.  We know we should exercise more, but don’t.  We know we should eat better, drink less, but don’t.

What are we waiting for?  Why can’t we decide to start and just apply what we know we should do today – now?

It boils down to one word; commitment.

How’s your commitment?  At any given time can you rate your commitment to an obligation from 1 to 10?

Do you know when it’s not 100% – and does that increase or decrease the likelihood of the desired outcome?

Often a lack of commitment will almost guarantee substandard results.  The only influence to a better outcome is luck.

Who is responsible for your level of commitment?  YOU are.  You are in charge of what is important and what you want to commit to!

Where did you learn commitment?  Did you witness commitment from your parents; maybe through their work ethic or their role as a parent?  Perhaps it is from someone you admire. Perhaps it was a small commitment of your own that made bigger ones easier to achieve.

How do you show your commitment to others?  As an employee, boss, parent, spouse – what are you doing to demonstrate and display your commitment?

We all have different roles and when we commit to the expectations of each role, we are making evident our commitment, our character, our personal integrity and most importantly – our self respect

What do you look for in others to prove their commitment?

Globe Graduations - SpeakingWhen we need to count on someone, there has to be some evidence to determine the level of risk we are taking.  The risk could be financial, emotional, or intellectual.

As I tell others, as a Graduate there are no guarantees of success without commitment.   I can guarantee you that!  You made it this far.  Don’t stop.

As I close, know your role.  Perform the obligations and expectations with commitment and you will own the future.  Nothing is impossible with a commitment.

Make commitment a word others would use to describe you in your absence.  Create a reputation of commitment.



  1. Very inspiring.