Commitment: Professional Sales Development

The knowledgebase doubles every five years.  The marketplace is constantly evolving.  Prospects continuously change their buying process.  As a salesperson we also need to make that commitment of continuously growing, learning and improving our sales skills to stay in the game.

Are you learning something new every day to improve your knowledge and skills?  Maybe you are reading a book, subscribe to a blog, listen to podcasts or attend seminars and workshops regularly.  Those are all a great sources of new information.  You may want to even share them in your Social Media outlets that your prospects will read.  Let them know you are continuously learning new ways to serve them better and you are committed to be that ‘most valued resource’ for them as they grow. 

Because I’m currently the President of the Professional Sales Association (PSA) (, I admit, I’m bias on this) I suggest attending one of their monthly meetings.  We have some members that have been selling for 35 years that made the commitment to keep their sales skills up-to-date for today’s marketplace.  I applaud them. 

Other professionals need to attend continuing education classes because their industries change every year.  We, as committed salespeople, also need to make that investment in our selling career. 

I hope to see you at PSA meeting or if you’d like to start a new book, I have a few suggestions on the ‘resource’ tab.