Believing Can Come True if You are Involved in the Believing

“Believing can come true if you are involved in the believing.”

I cannot remember where I heard this quote, but it stuck with me because it reinforces the axiom that your beliefs determine your behavior and your behavior (daily habits) determines the results you receive.  If you are not receiving the desired results in life, no matter the role you are playing, change begins with determining what you are doing and not doing (behavior) and then asking yourself why.  “Why am I doing this”? or “Why am I not doing that?”

Are your beliefs a choice?  Good question.  I guess now that I’m thinking about it, I would have to say YES.  We consciously decide what is true and what we want to believe as fact.  True would mean the means (behavior) justify the desired ends (results). [Read more…]

Who we ARE precedes what we DO.

We are human ‘beings’ before we are human ‘doings.’  Your authenticity is your difference.  Your truth, your greatness is unique to you and the easiest person you can be is you.  Dr. Brene Brown shares the Power of Vulnerability (20:49) [Read more…]

I Got My Lucky Socks On!

Ever feel like you can take on the world when your head is focused on a positive outcome?  There, that’s the secret; being focused on the positive.  What are you focused on when you “feel” like a winner?

When we let our thoughts determine our feelings, we are making a conscious choice of being proactive of the positive.  This requires knowledge, preparation, focus and execution.  Often we can feel distracted under the pressure of a new environment or unfamiliar situation.  When we focus on the positive versus giving faith in the negative (fear, doubt and uncertainty), we increase our chances of a favorable outcome. [Read more…]

You have the right, but do you have the ability to be successful?

The first American woman that flew into space, Dr. Sally Ride, passed away during the Olympics.  That day I heard an interview where a reporter asked another female astronaut, “Why are there not more women in the space program?”  The woman replied with, “Women have just as much a right to be in space as men do.”  I don’t disagree with that, nor do most other people, but a right is not the same as ability. [Read more…]

Pilot in Command

Since I was 11 years old, I have wanted to be a pilot. Unfortunately, I was told I could never achieve that goal because my eyes are so bad. Though the barrier was not true, I maintained that belief until the fall of 1996. At the age of 30, I decided I was no longer going to subscribe to that belief. It was real, but no longer true. [Read more…]