Failure puts you one step closer to Accomplishment

What experiences teach you the most, the successes or the failures?  As I watch my nephew get hypnotized by the Wii, he shares stories of how he learned to advance each level based on his failures.  He doesn’t give up, he just hits “start” after each “game over.”

We could learn a lesson from him and apply it to the different roles we play in the game of life as adults, parents, spouses, career-minded employees or entrepreneurs.  We have non-fatal failures and successes every day, and if we don’t, there is not enough activity happening.  The first step is getting outside our comfort zone. [Read more…]

From the Greatest Book on Sales ever written.

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino was written in 1968 and has yet to be topped.  If you have never read the book or the 10 scrolls inside, it will change your life.

Here is Og and his story and below a PDF of his 10 Scrolls. Read one Scroll a day and live them for a lifetime. ENJOY!

Click below to read the Scrolls. Here are the rules!
Og Mandino 10 Scrolls

Choking – we become what we think about most

Dr. Sian Beilock PhD worried so much about “choking” it changed her career direction in high school to learn more about it.  Here is a brief video on the subject and a quick tip on avoiding cracking under pressure.

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5 Outcomes of a Sales Call or Appointment

Every sales call or appointment ends with one, sometimes more, of these outcomes.  Knowing this will help guide your call and make yours and your prospects invested time more effective.

1)      YES – The best outcome!  You got the sale, closed the deal and the prospect signed the agreement.  Just don’t spend the commission until their check clears.  Now go make another 10 calls with this renewed enthusiasm.  Call on the ‘bigger’ prospects that you have been postponing until the timing is just right.  Now is the time.  Don’t take a break to celebrate when there is still time in the day to sell.  If you keep a journal, which I highly recommend, write this in it and refer back to it when you receive the 20 no’s in a row in the future. [Read more…]

You have the right, but do you have the ability to be successful?

The first American woman that flew into space, Dr. Sally Ride, passed away during the Olympics.  That day I heard an interview where a reporter asked another female astronaut, “Why are there not more women in the space program?”  The woman replied with, “Women have just as much a right to be in space as men do.”  I don’t disagree with that, nor do most other people, but a right is not the same as ability. [Read more…]

John Wooden: the difference between winning and succeeding

Let’s get back to school, back to business and back on track.  As you prepare, check out this simply profound message.

“I had three rules, pretty much, that I stuck with practically all the time. I’d learned these prior to coming to UCLA, and I decided they were very important. One was — never be late. Never be late. Later on I said certain things –I had — players, if we’re leaving for somewhere, had to be neat and clean. There was a time when I made them wear [Read more…]