Not Everybody is at the Cabin

How many people go to the cabin every week during the summer?  I don’t know the answer and I’m guessing it would be hard to know for sure, but I’m positive not everyone does.  Businesses are still open, people are still working, budgets are being determined and spent, challenges continue to exist and problems need to be solved.

It is a common belief that no one buys anything between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  I recognize activity slows down, but it does not stop.  Not everybody is available every day, but that is not different than any other time of the year.  If anything, people are more relaxed, less rushed and more available to have conversations.  For this reason, prospecting and cold calling can be very effective, especially when your competitors think businesses shut down during summer.

This is a perfect example the principle that our beliefs determine our behavior and our behavior gives us the results.  If our belief is nobody is around because they are all up at the cabin, we won’t make calls and prospect.  Since we are not making calls (behavior) we have a guaranteed result – nothing.

Imagine you had a belief that the most committed business owners and decision makers are still working over the summer and you could still help them, would you still make calls?  And it would be easier to get through to them because there were fewer distractions, since your competitors were not calling.  Would you maintain or increase your prospecting calls?

With that belief reinforcing your behavior of prospecting, you would be guaranteed better results than sitting on your hands waiting for the calendar to change.  You need to keep moving year round.  The only time you slow down is when you are on vacation and you deserve that vacation every year.

Keeping your pipeline filled is a daily activity.  Often salespeople deal with peaks and valley because they don’t make time every day to prospect and only commit to do it when they have nothing else to do.  You need to prospect every day.  Schedule it, do it, believe in it.

If you do what you need, you will be able to do what you want.  Prospecting is a need for every salesperson.  And the rewards are yours to enjoy.



  1. Your are right this is a perfect example of how our beliefs determine our behavior and our behavior gives us the results. For another look at the concept in practice check out the movie “Kramer vs. Kramer.”

  2. Right on Scott!
    Great thought. Thank You!

  3. Oh… how very true!

    In fact, I believe people are more in a “human” state-of-mind and much more open to an honest, sincere conversation. I’ll bet some BIG business has been done from a fishing boat on Lake Minnetonka or lounging around Breezy Point (or, my favorite… BlueFin Bay.)

  4. Great blog article Scott! You have a good handle on your personas here in the Upper Midwest.